Thomas Meijerman

In his work, Thomas Meijerman examines his position as a person in the landscape. The landscape is formed by living matter and the elements; as well as by us. The influence of humans on the landscape is huge, but when you are part of the landscape as an individual, Meijerman feels this influence is equivalent to that of all other organisms. He views the landscape with everything that lives and grows in it, as a whole. It is delineated by certain characteristics, for example a rocky river bed, like in this work.
With his work, Thomas Meijerman investigates whether he as an artist can make a unique addition to the landscape from his artistic vision.

By staying in the landscape for a while, he develops a relationship with the landscape in which he finds himself. This relationship arises as a kind of dance in which he is moved by the landscape. He then shapes his work from the influence of the landscape. It is an interaction in which he becomes inspired and the environment itself determines how he transforms it. This is how Thomas Meijerman creates his work, together with the landscape. The interventions are light and temporary. Time, the elements and organisms change the forms of the work.

In his video works, the actions are made visible. Meijerman's photographic works are a registration of the residue of the action. The work thus relates to land art, performance art and photography.

Changing Circle / 2021
Changing Circle / 2021
Price: €1.400 excl. frame

This work is connected to the work Changing Circle Process.

All works are part of a project called A Conversation with the Landscape in which I am searching for ways to communicate with the coastal landscape of Biscay.

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