Konstantin Schimanowski

A Drop of Sunlight Shadow (2023)

A Drop of Sunlight Shadow is a sound sculpture.
The shadow is a psychological concept of the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. It describes parts of the human psyche that are hidden and therefore not perceived as part of one's personality. The title of the sculpture suggests an understanding of the oil as a shadow of the sun. In the literal sense, the black mass of oil contains the stored energy of sunlight, which lies hidden in the dark depths of the earth and can only be discovered and recovered through laborious searching.
Figuratively, the oil is burned in a techno-shamanistic ritual, releasing an explosion of voices of the spirits of the past. Spirits of creatures that died more than 100 million years ago and were synthesized into the oil we extract from the earth today. These voices of the past, expressed in the sounds of highways and factories, cities and agricultural machinery, as well as contemporary pop music, are compiled and made audible in the sound piece.

text: Konstantin Schimanowski

Konstantin Schimanowski is a composer and sound artist, currently living in Berlin.
He was born in Olenegorsk, Soviet Union, and emigrated to Germany at the age of 8. There he studied philosophy and history of art at the Albert-Ludwig University and later he
became Master of Arts in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the University of the Arts, Berlin.